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USMLE flash cards for step 1 & 2pdfadeelamalik

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USMLE flash cards for step 1 & 2pdfadeelamalik

Post by walid on Sat May 18, 2013 10:26 am

USMLE flash cards for step 1 & 2pdfadeelamalik


USMLE flash cards for step 1 & 2


These quick and convenient flash cards will greatly assist students in reviewing and learning the important details about pharmacology. Each of the 259 cards offers a brief question and answer, using a trigger phrase to help students memorize and recall correct responses.

BRS Pharmacology Flash Cards is part of a series of portable flash cards covering microbiology, pathology, and now pharmacology. Designed to accompany BRS Pharmacology, these review cards will also help students enrolled in other basic science or pharmacology courses or those preparing for USMLE Step 1.
Doody Review Services

Reviewer: Thomas L. Pazdernik, PhD (University of Kansas Medical Center)
Description: This is a set of 259 pharmacology flash cards that are organized by system or drug class. Each flash card has on the front a succinct factual statement and on the back is listed the drug or drugs associated with the statement. In addition, on the backside is provided "high-yield" information on the drug (s).
Purpose: This is the pharmacology component of the Basic Review Series Flash Cards designed to assist students in preparation for discipline basic science exams and USMLE Step 1 exams. Both authors are MD/PhD candidates. Students preparing for pharmacology exams or licensure exams will find these cards as a useful fast review of high-yield information. However, the information is much too limited to serve as a standalone review source.
Audience: These flash cards will be useful to any healthcare student preparing for pharmacology exams or licensure exams.
Features: Both the strength and weakness of these cards is their simplicity. If students preparing for pharmacology or licensure exams rely on the information on these cards, they will fall short of their performance goals. On the other hand, if they add pertinent information from other resources while studying they will have an excellent review source. I did find a few errors going through the cards, but for the most part information is succinct and correct.
Assessment: Students have many choices for review sources when preparing for examinations, but many often spend an enormous amount of time preparing their own flash cards. I also see many students using the Pharmcards: Review Cards for Medical Students, 2nd edition, by Johannsen and Sabatine (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2002). This set of flash cards is much more informative than the Pharmacology Flash Cards, containing considerable information and some very well constructed illustrations that help students to see the big picture. However, many students get lost in the vast amount of information contained on the Pharmcards. The advantage of the Pharmacology Flash Cards is that the information is very focused and the student can add information that is germane to the exam in question. I would strongly encourage students to take a look at these cards when purchasing a study aid for pharmacology.


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Re: USMLE flash cards for step 1 & 2pdfadeelamalik

Post by Radimed on Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:18 pm

Big help thanks!

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